The Ripples Jar

I love jars. My kitchen is full of them 🙂 An idea percolated through the gravel of my rather sleepy brain this morning, after seeing an idea on facebook – the ripple effect!

The lovely and wise Dianne De Las Casas shared an idea on her facebook page today and was gracious enough to let me join in. You have seen those jars that folks put a note inside every time something nice happens? Lovely to dip into on sad days, or at the end of the year to remember them all. We have another jar, Tom and I, where we both write little slips of paper with ideas of places to go or things to do that we can delve into on days when we want to go on a ‘date’. Well, this idea of Dianne’s is another ‘jar’ idea 🙂 She has put the names of people who have blessed her life into a VIP jar – and then will take a name out and celebrate each person, day by day.

I am going to create a ‘Ripples Jar’. Like Dianne’s jar, this will celebrate different people who have dropped into my life like a perfect pebble, their ripples moving and affecting me. I shall write a little about each person, and how they have affected my life, once week and sometimes more often. I shall also add places that are important to me – thinking about the things that have shaped the person that I am, at this point in my life. I have come a long way in 50 years and want to mark that in some way. I shall write about the ripples here on our blog, and also hand write excerpts of the notes to be used in a large composite altered art piece that I’ll add to over the course of the year. I am the sum of many parts wrought by the effects of many people and will spend the year thanking them with this project 🙂



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